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7 Awesome Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for 2016



7 Awesome Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for 2016



Life gives us a reason to celebrate every now and then. You really don’t need a reason to celebrate love. Valentine’s Day is the time of the year when we expect the awesomeness of love to unveil. It usually takes the form of unexpected surprises and excitement wrapped in the magic of love.

There is no gift that is above love. A simple “I Love You” can cheer up your bae. The memory of a Valentine’s Day is incomplete without a perfect gift. It adds some extra cream to your love. A bouquet of red roses or a box of chocolates are the common things that people usually choose to gift.

This Valentine’s Day we will help you create a difference with something cheesy. Surprise your beloved with these rare gift ideas that you’ve never thought of before:

#1. Wake them up to the best coffee in the world

Wake them up to the best coffee in the world

Coffee mugs are a great gift idea! Imagine your soulmate’s happiness when you make their day with an awesome coffee in the new mug.

You can either choose any mug at random or think of customizing your own mug. When it comes to customizing a mug, a collage of images with some beautiful messages etched on it will be great.

Choose some of your best moments together and get these etched onto the mug. At HiLite Mall, you can get a customized beautiful coffee mug for your beloved.

#2. Pieces of jewelry for her

Pieces of jewelry for her

Women are fond of jewelry. That’s not a new thing. Jewelry makes them happy. Gifting a jewelry is often an expensive affair. But you need not think of gold or diamond necklaces at the moment.

If your budget allows, these are also some great gift ideas on Valentine’s Day. Visit HiLite Mall’s popular jewelry showrooms and pick the best piece of jewel for your love.

Pearls, silver, oxidized pieces of jewelry are affordable and are lovely. People love these. You can think of an oxidized set of necklace and earrings or choose silver.

You can even slip a simple and charming silver ring onto her beautiful fingers. Check out the exclusive collection of antique and rare pieces of jewels at our stores in HiLite Mall.

#3. Branded Shirts for him

Branded Shirts for him

Men are too lazy to shop. You can find that their wardrobes lack a taste and appetite. Their collections are poor and they are always in short of shirts for an occasion.

They prefer to wear the same baggy clothes every time. Use the situation and gift him with one of the best-branded shirts in town. He will be too happy and will prefer to wear the same to some of his best occasions at the office or otherwise.

Thinking of where you can find some of the best collections of men’s wear? Think no more. Just drop into HiLite Mall today. Here, you will be overwhelmed at the sight of these number of branded shops lined one after the other.

This Valentine’s Day pour your beloved with some excitement and love!

#4. Mobile phones, tablets, and other electronic gadgets

 Mobile phones, tablets, and other electronic gadgets

In the growing world of technology, how can we forget these gadgets. Who does not love to be gifted with one of the latest mobiles in town? Excite your sweetheart with a brand new mobile phone or iPad or may be a tablet or laptop.

You can also gift them with computer or mobile phone accessories. It would be great if they have been planning one for a long time now.

A number of stores inside HiLite Mall specialize in the sale of the latest electronic gadgets. Visit HiLite Mall today and pick the trending gadget for your bae.

#5. Let time bring you closer to your love

Watches are one of the best gifts that you can choose to gift your love this Valentine’s Day. Time is precious and you do not want your bae to stay behind in time. Choose a trendy and stylish watch for him/ her that they can flaunt on when they go to the office the next day.

HiLite Mall stores offer some of the best watches from reputed international brands. You can choose from a wide variety of choices of brands at these stores.

#6. Gift a book

Gift a book

If your better half is fond of reading then books are a great idea. This is something that most of the people leave out when choosing gifts. People who love to read are never bored of a book. They are always greatful when a book comes their way as a gift.

Choose from a collection of the latest trending best reads of the year and wrap them up in the warmth of your love.

Or you can even choose some of those books that your love has been searching for a long time. Visit HiLite Mall’s bookstores where you will find a variety of the bestsellers of all time.

Make your soulmate feel special and loved with your gift.

#7. Food for soul and stomach

Food for soul and stomach

The food table is often the place where two people bond. Eating out with your sweetheart on the special occasion of Valentine’s Day will add some color to your love.

Announce a holiday to your kitchen for a day. Let your chef relax! Take her out to dine at the best place in town.

Eat, drink and laugh out loud. Visit HiLite Mall on Valentine’s Day. Here, we have all the best restaurants offering delicious and mouth-watering dishes.

There are so many of them that you will be confused at the choice of dishes. Offer her with the best food in town.

Still in lack of Valentine’s day gift ideas? Drop in to HiLite Mall today as we have a surprising number of gifts stacked up for you to make your beloved feel special on this Valentine’s Day.