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5 top brands rocking Calicut City



5 top brands rocking Calicut City



If you can’t stop thinking about it, buy it……

Your style speaks a lot about your personality. Your outfit tells people who you are and what you are. All the people in Calicut are heading over to HiLITE Mall where all the world’s leading brands meet. When are you going?

Shop for all your favorite brands only at Kozhikode’s HiLITE Mall.

More than 100’s of brands have already found a place in HiLITE Mall and is rocking the city. A new style factor is revolutionizing Kozhikode city with our people embracing fashion.

We have handpicked the 5 top brands that will redefine your style couture today:

#1. Wrangler:


One of the top international brands for jeans. Let this be a part of your everyday denim collections. Authentic jeans designed for real people living in the real world. Launched way back in the year 1947, Wrangler is today one of the people’s favorite brands. Years ago, the brand was working on designing jeans, jackets and shirts that were the signature style of cowboys.

Over years, this trend evolved and the brand focused on applying innovative ideas for designing jeans that people are looking for.

Wrangler is most preferred for the following features:

1. Sun Shield

2. Water Repellent

3. Anti-Bacteria

4. Tough Gear

5. Cool Vintage

These innovative jeans are durable and will last you a lifetime.

Gather your friends at HiLITE Mall’s Wrangler showroom, and shop for your favorite jeans. Let us redefine your gang’s style statement.

#2. Lifestyle:


This is the best option that will suffice the needs of your family and you can shop for your home too.

It comprises of Home Centre, Apparels, Footwear, Children’s Wear, Beauty & Accessories, and more. To add cream to the cake you can find all your favorite international and national brands here.

Precisely, this is your one-stop destination for all your shopping needs.

This weekend, give your family a surprise. Take them to Lifestyle at HiLITE Mall and let them enjoy shopping!

#3. Titan:


Planning to gift a watch to your dear one? What more can he/ she ask for? A brand new watch from Titan is anyone’s dream. We need not move into detail what this brand is because you already know what Titan is and the excellence of quality that this brand has been exhibiting over the years.

There were those brands that tried to create a hype but Titan’s emotional bond still lives and continues to conquer hearts.

Apart from watches, Dash and Eye+ have also evolved over the years.

Wrap a beautiful titan for your dear one and cheer them up. Let this bond you both towards a new beginning.

#4. Love your feet:


Bata is something that first hits your mind when you think of footwear. One of the brands that grew with us. A legacy of footwear that our ancestors passed on to us and we are now following suit.

However old you grow, and whatever trends rock the market, nothing can make you feel as comfortable as wearing a pair of shoes or sandals from Bata.

Bata is today amongst India’s largest footwear retailer and people’s favorite.

Your feet needs care. Drop into HiLITE Mall this weekend, and find what Bata has got for your feet. Shop for the latest trendy shoes in town.

Let your feet relax while you walk!

#5. Delsey:


Planning for a long trip or a transit to a far off land? Carrying your luggage is a serious concern.

Where will you put up all the things you want to carry and ensure that it is safe?

Delsey is the answer to all your questions. Yes, Delsey is now at HiLITE Mall where you can find some of the best luggage bags, suitcases and backpacks and more.

These are not just any bags or suitcases, but the ones with an international warranty.

Also, the style factor of Delsey bags and baggage will define your personality wherever you travel to.

All eyes will turn to you as you stroll across the airport with your Delsey luggage.

So, now you know where are you keeping your belongings when you are traveling. The storage space is something beyond imagination with modernized lock system that ensures your belongings are safe inside.

Have you visited HiLITE Mall? No? When are you planning to? The entire Kozhikode city is celebrating life at HiLite Mall. Drop in and find out what are the surprises in store for you.

HiLITE Mall is one of the North Kerala’s leading malls located in Calicut. More than a sophisticated shopping destination, it is a place for dining with some of the best food joints in town and a place for some fun and masti.

What are you waiting for? We expect your visit sooner.

For any further queries or information, contact us today.