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Top 5 Wedding Day Attire for Groom



Top 5 Wedding Day Attire for Groom



Weddings showcase the traditions and cultural heritage of a community. And when it comes to a place like Kerala, which is rich in cultural diversity, you can see weddings of different kinds which are all celebrated with festive zeal.

From jewellery to rituals, weddings exhibit the values passed down to the people for centuries. Of the many integral parts of a wedding, the customs of the bride and the groom attracts all the attention. It is the day when they are in the spotlight, and therefore it is important that they look chic and stylish.

Although, we must admit that mostly women grab most of the eyeballs as the beautiful and elegant brides. But recently grooms are giving a tough competition to their ladies in the costume department.   

Despite the traditional costume of mundu and shirt reigning the wedding scene, young millennials from Kerala are all too keen to infuse North Indian and western style and be more experimental. 

So if you’re going to get hitched soon and you’re looking for ways to make your wedding attire stand out, then our top 5 wedding day attire for grooms in Kerala is the article you must be reading. Here you will find what is in vogue to make the best of your D-Day.

The Stylish Suit

The Stylish Suit

Men in well-fitted suits give out a certain aura that commands respect and admiration. You can accessorize the suit with a silk tie, a pair of cufflinks, a pocket square, and a tie bar or clip. Either you can use all these accessories together or only items of your choice. And never wear a sports watch with a suit, always go for a dress watch.

Though Black is the go-to colour for suits, you can check out other popular colours such as navy blue, beige, grey, etc. Finish off the look with the right shoes, and you are ready to go.

The Traditional Dhoti/Mundu and Shirt.

Since most young men don’t like to stray much from traditions, Kasavu Mundu/Dhoti and shirt remains as the most preferred wedding attire. Here you can bring novelty by pairing the golden brocaded dhoti with a silk Jubba of the same or different colour. Also, silk shirts with self-embroidery can give a  fresh look to the attire. If you opt for coloured shirt/Jubba, make sure that it doesn’t clash with the colour of the bride’s outfit.

The Trendy Tuxedo

The Trendy Tuxedo

If you wish to add more charisma to your appearance, then tuxedo is what you are looking for. Though tuxedos look more like a suit, the satin lapel, the bow tie and the waistcoat found on the tuxedo offer the grandness of it all- more like a James Bond feel. Accessorizing tuxedos follows the same rule as for suits, accept there won’t be any tie. Unlike suits, a black tux is an all-time favourite, but you don’t have to get caught up in conventions; go for navy blue, grey, etc. if you fancy. And most importantly the fitting must be clean and perfect.

The Royal Sherwani

Of late these stylish yet very traditional ethnic wear from the north of India is gaining popularity among Malayalis. With the turban, the shawl and matching Indian footwear i.e. mojari/ jutti gives a rich aristocratic look like no other. Additionally, you can accessorize the look by wearing a wedding Kantha, the multi-layered beaded neck piece, and a brooch and feather studded turban to add that extra grace to the whole outfit. If your budget allows you to get a designer sherwani for the special occasion, do not hesitate to go for it.

The New Favourite Achkans

The New Favourite Achkans

If you don’t intend to go a bit fancy with the turban, the stole and the heavy work on a sherwani, then an Achkan can be your most appropriate option. These knee-length coats with buttons in the front have been in use since ages. And now they are the most opted wedding attire. Designer achkans are available in the market with traditional embroidery works, bead works, stone works, etc. To rock your style in an achkan, you need to take extra care on physique, as a slim and fit body can carry the attire very well.

So here you go. Find what goes well with your personality and taste. Spending some time and effort on deciding on your wedding attire will bear the fruit on the actual day when you’ll receive compliments from everyone, but most importantly from your lovely bride.

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