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Top 7 Safety Tips For Women



Top 7 Safety Tips For Women



Women have come a long way. From being denied education, from being married off at a tender age, from being considered as a burden, from being seen as less of a human. And it took some revolutionary stand by many brave women and men to pave the way for gender justice.

As a result, society as a whole is more open to women entering the social, political, economic and cultural spheres of the country. More people are now warming up to the idea of women occupying public spaces. And to celebrate this amazing feat achieved by women from all around the world breaking the age-old prejudice, sexism, patriarchy and misogyny that exist in the world, is the reason why International Women’s Day is organized on March 8th every year.

And this year, the theme is ‘Be Bold For Change’, which aims for a world which is inclusive and gender equal. But how is it possible to ensure equality, when women’s safety is more and more at risk. Now that our state hit with another blood-curdling attack, this time on a famous artist, the plummeting safety of women is yet again in the spotlight.

But that doesn’t mean we stop going out or put an end to our dreams. Like the line sang by Billy Ocean, ‘When the going gets tough the tough get going’, women need to toughen up to tackle this growing menace. The following are seven important tips that can help you tremendously to keep you out of harm’s way but most importantly face danger lurking in the corner well-prepared.

#1. Know where you are going: Especially when you’re travelling with someone besides your family members or close friends. Always plan out your journey for each day which must include which route you will be taking and whether it is safe for travel.

#2. Taking an auto or taxi: When you’re going late at night, make sure to note the vehicle number and send it to your family members or friends. During day time, do not allow the driver take shortcuts that you’re unfamiliar with. Also, try to rely on public transport while going to unknown places.

#3. Put your mobile devices to maximum use: Download apps that are made specially to ensure women safety. Make sure your loved ones are available on speed dial and always keep your phone batteries full. Feed every possible helpline number to your phone, and it is important that you check which one of them give you the quicker response.

#4. Be ready for self-defense: It might be useful to keep a pocket knife or pepper spray in your handbag. Also, you can purchase stun guns which are used widely by women in foreign countries are now available online.

#5. Inform your close ones of your location: It will be a good idea to inform someone if you’re travelling long distance. Getting them the number of the hotel or place you will be staying is a good precaution too.

#6. Always be alert: You shouldn’t drown yourself in your mobile devices when you’re outside especially when you’re travelling alone. Remember that the more aware you are of your surroundings, the more ready you will be to act in the face of danger.

#7. No lifts from or for strangers: Under no circumstances should you accept a lift from strangers or offer a lift to them. This rule applies to all people you don’t know very well to trust with your safety. You should learn to set clear boundaries and stick to it. No relationship is more important than your safety.

Besides these, it is advisable to learn any martial arts form or at least some self-defense moves which will come handy during adverse situations. Above all, keep your cool. A clear head can think of more smart ways to handle a situation well and to keep yourself safe.

Never forget that our safety is first and foremost our responsibility.