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Tips to prepare your kids to school for the first time



Tips to prepare your kids to school for the first time



Goodbye to Playtime! It’s learning time

As we get ready to bid goodbye to the sun’s scorching ogles and welcome the monsoon, our kids are annoyed for they have little time left to play and make merry before the schools reopen and they return to their routine life.

But you know what- actually as a parent you could make it easy for your kids to cope up with what is coming and get ready to kickstart a new academic year with lots of hopes and dreams.

While those kids who are starting school for the first time might find it difficult to adjust to the new routines, the others are all set with a little help from their parents, siblings and friends to rock yet another academic year.

What are the things that your kids will need as the monsoon approaches and the school will reopen?

There are a lot of things that your kids are in need of as they start their academic venture that you might happen to forget.

But we can help you. Here, is a checklist of things that your kids will need:

1. A mental preparation:

A mental preparation

If it is the first time that your kids are going to school, then, it takes a little time for them to realize what is happening and what they are supposed to be doing.

As a parent, it is your responsibility to make things lighter for them.

Some kids undergo anxiety and stress when they think of school and staying away from parents.

But, it is easy to tackle. You can talk and convince them that they are going to be alright.

First of all, you need to make things look normal.

Do not put pressure on them. Prepare them a few months ahead of the school opening and feed it into their minds that they are not going to be alone but with their teachers and friends when their school opens.

You can reduce the mounting stress in your kids as the school opening date nears by taking them to their new school.

Acquaint them to the surroundings, the classroom and their teachers. Show them how wonderful it would be to sit in these classrooms with their new friends.

It helps to reduce the tension and stress, and they feel better though there might be a kind of nervousness that is usual.

2. Self-care:


It is a good thing if your kids know how to take care of themselves rather than panicking when something goes wrong.

Yeah well, it is, in fact, great to be a parent who never allows your kids to suffer pain, disappointment and sadness.

But, in a way experts recommend that once in a while you need to allow them to experience the pain of failures, as well as emotions like sadness and disappointment.

It helps them to grow and emerge as a stronger and mature individual and go on to live a life of their dreams without depending others.

Also, help them to take care of others too.

3. Say “No” whenever it is necessary:

Say "No" whenever it is necessary

As parents, we are often compelled to say “Yes” to anything they ask us. But, the truth is it’s not a good habit. Some kids are often too adamant when it comes to getting what they desire and finally, parents give in.

You can be a bit aggressive when it comes to things that are not important.

Like for example if your kid insists on getting an LCD T.V. installed in his/ her bedroom, it could be something that you should not entertain.

Let them sit with the family and watch T.V., why build unnecessary habits?

Learn to say “No” and explain the reason why you are saying so because their demand is something that seems to be too irrelevant.

4. Shopping:

School Shopping

This is one of the best parts of going to school.

Honestly, do you remember the first day you went to pre-school? Most of us don’t remember. But, almost all the parents remember the day when their kid first went to school.

The new bags, uniforms, pencil boxes, and books, etc. seems to be too alluring for your kids to go to school.

Here, is a checklist of things that your kids need:

  • Schoolbags
  • Uniform
  • Umbrella and Raincoats
  • Pencil Box
  • Lunch Box
  • Snack box
  • Socks and Shoes

These are the primary necessities though you might need to get their books from the school admission counter.

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