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Introducing HiLITE Mall Android App ‒ Take the Mall with You!



Introducing HiLITE Mall Android App ‒ Take the Mall with You!



We have always been striving to make life easier for our dear people. Again, we are showering so much of love by unveiling one of our latest innovations- the HiLITE Mall app

HiLITE Mall is one among the very few malls that is open to embracing the latest and most sophisticated changes that hit the market. This is mainly because we know very well what you are expecting from us and we consider it as our responsibility to provide you beyond and much more than what you desire.

You might have heard or even might be implementing several kinds of apps online and offline to make life easier. Shopping was never as easier as it is now!

All thanks to the emerging technology and the brilliant brains behind each of these inventions that is all set to change the human life. And, we decided not to stray away from the monotonous anatomy of change that has gripped us all and here, we present before you our latest apps.

Of course, you can walk through HiLITE Mall’s Facebook page for more details on the upcoming events, offers, and everything and anything that you might be interested in. But, what if we give you a mobile app and you can take a tour of our Mall with just a touch of your finger.

Would you say no?

Of course, it is difficult to resist the temptation. And, moreover why not download and install it when it is absolutely free of cost.

The App developed for HiLITE Mall is under beta testing and this app that has been launched by HiLITE Mall for the first time can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and you will be downloading the Version 1.1 of the app.

Now, allow us to walk you through the benefits of installing our HiLITE Mall app:

Get notified:

There are times when life and our schedules are too tight and you might not have had a chance to browse through our Facebook page for what is in store over here. But, with this app installed on your device, each time a store puts up an offer such as discount sale, stock clearance sale or exchange mela or whatever, you will be notified.

So, now you will be notified the next time an event is organized at HiLITE Mall.

Listing out the stores:

You might be planning to shop from one of your favorite brands and you drop into the Mall. When you reach here you are forced to escalate up and down through each floor hunting for the shop you are searching. But, when you have our app installed on your device; with a touch of your finger you will know which store lies where.

Contact information of the stores:

You might be in a hurry and you are in an emergency! You need to purchase a birthday gift for your kid and it’s too late. Just pick up your phone or the device where you have installed the app and check for the store which offers kids gifts, for further information you might need to contact the associated store owners and the contact information. Also, you can find out the timings when these stores open and close.

Floor map:

Yes, of course we have a floor map in our Mall. But, when there is a huge crowd around it and you are in a hurry, a floor map on your app could take you to your destination store without any hassles.

Browse through stores related to what interests you in a single specific category (for instance: if you are searching for dining, you will be fetched with the list of all the restaurants and eateries here.)

Now, you know where exactly to find what you are looking for at your HiLITE Mall.

We welcome you to the biggest mall in Kozhikode town and the pride of North Malabar – HiLITE Mall! Also, we invite you to experience the awesomeness of our latest HiLITE Mall App.

Download HiLITE Mall Andriod app here!

HiLITE Mall located near the HiLITE Business Park is today one of the biggest malls in the North Malabar region of the Kerala State. We present before you all the best shopping stores in the town with your favorite brands including all the Western and Ethnic ones. Also, it is the favorite place of all the chunks and buddies for hanging out whenever they get a free time. If you are throwing a surprise party for your friends or family, then, this is the place you should be visiting. Contact us for more details.