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5 Super Cool Friendship Day Gift Ideas



5 Super Cool Friendship Day Gift Ideas



Friends are the family we choose for ourselves. And, there is no particular reason to celebrate friendship. When you guys meet up and are hanging out together, it feels like the whole world is dancing to the tune of your friendship. The memories of friendship are something that we hold close to our hearts.

No one wants to miss any opportunity that comes by to surprise their friends and bump into them with a lot of happiness. And, friendship day that falls on the 1st Sunday of August every year is one such occasion that we are all waiting for.

Next thing that concerns us is what are we going to gift that special friend of ours as the friendship day nears. We want to wow them with something unique, something that they were planning to own for a long time but unfortunately couldn’t.

What could be your choice of friendship day gifts this season?

Every year you have been in search of something different from the previous year’s gifts that have found a place in his/ her dearest possessions.

What will you gift your friend this year?

No worries. We will help you choose one of the best gifts for your dearest friend, and we welcome one and all of you to HiLITE Mall this friendship day to celebrate the awesomeness of friendship.

What are some of the beautiful friendship day gift ideas 2016?

1. Clothes:


If your best buddy is a lady, then clothes are one best option as women always love dresses, regardless of whether their wardrobe is overflowing with dresses or not.

Don’t go for any ordinary dress. Let’s customize something special for your dearest friend. If your friend is someone who loves to try something trendy and sassy, go for those western clothes and also, don’t forget to check the section of branded clothes. There are exclusive collections just for you and your friend.

Clothes are a great choice if your friend is a male. Because they are always in short of dresses for a particular occasion. You can notice them freaking out in the same pair of jeans and tees all the time.

Drop in today to HiLITE Mall and gift your friend with the trendy or ethnic clothes that they will love.

2. Cards:


Cards never go out of their way to bringing a smile on your friend’s face. We all love to receive cards, and a glance at these cards can cheer us up whenever we feel low. So, a card is one of the best options because the awesomeness of cards never fades.

Hand-made cards are a sweet way of letting your friends know how much you care for them. We all have this habit of holding these hand-made cards close to our hearts, among all other expensive gifts.

Or you can choose to gift one of those funky cool cards for your dearest friend.

Drop into HiLITE Mall today and visit our Archies store where you can find some of the beautiful cards in the world.

3. Electronic gadgets:

Electronic gadgets

Is your friend crazy about electrical and electronic gadgets? Then, you could surprise your friend with the latest model Mobile phones from HiLITE Mall’s 3G world.

Or you could choose to gift him/ her one of the coolest earphones that they have been planning to buy for a long time now.

Drop down to HiLITE Mall and you will find a variety of options to gift your dearest friend.

4. Books:


If your friend is a book-lover, then undoubtedly, go for a pair of the rarest of rarest collection of books that he/ she doesn’t own.

A book lover can never say no to a book- Taken from the true confessions of a bibliophile.

If your friend loves to read, don’t hesitate, choose to gift them with books.

Drop down to HiLITE Mall and find the exclusive collection of books that we have in our bookstore.

5. Chocolates:

Is there someone who doesn’t love chocolates? No. People of all ages love to munch on chocolates and candies.

Choose to gift your friend some of those sweet chocolates filled with love this Friendship Day.

What are you planning to gift your friend this Friendship Day?

Share your friendship day gift ideas with us.

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