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5 top costume choices of Kerala Brides



5 top costume choices of Kerala Brides



India is well-known for its unity in diversity. Each of the states flaunts a different culture and practice varying traditions. Amidst this diversifying culture, Kerala is one of those states that boasts a variety in each of its customs and traditions.

The interesting and surprising fact about Kerala is that inside each district the culture varies and there exists differences in the traditions and rituals practised during the wedding ceremonies from the North Malabar across Ernakulam which is very much different from the customary practices followed in South Kerala.

Though there exist differences in the customs and traditions that people follow in each of the districts, there exists a uniformity in the kind of attires and jewellery that the brides choose to adorn themselves with.

Unlike the traditional old days, people had fewer choices when it came to clothes or jewellery, thanks to the designers and stylists who are ready to customize costumes as per the customer preference so that they look their best on their Big Day.

Here, we will take you across the major traditional outfits that Kerala brides love to adorn:

1. Saree:


Saree is one of the first choices of Indian women everywhere when it comes to their wedding day. In Kerala, brides especially those belonging to the Hindu community mostly choose saree over other forms of wedding dresses.

Usually, the Hindu brides choose a shade of red colour. Silk or Kanjeepuram or Benaras Silk is the material preferred though there are people who love the beauty of Sougandika and Samudrika Pattu and Brocade sarees.

While you can see some brides prefer Georgette or Chanderi Silk materials.

In most of the communities, they have a practice wherein the groom gifts the bride with a saree which is usually red, pink, blue or off-white in colour and belongs to Kancheepuram or bridal brocade category.

2. Set Saree:

 Set Saree

When it comes to sarees, off-white sarees with a red border or golden kasavu border also called as Kerala Saree or Set Saree is also, preferred by many.

These days many brides choose golden shade brocade silk sarees on their marriage day.

3. Set Mundu:

Set Mundu

As we discussed above, in some communities, the brides prefer to drape themselves in off-white sarees with golden border.

While some people prefer saree, there are others who prefer Set Mundu which is a more traditional form of the saree.

The mundu usually has a golden border with coloured thread borders woven in. Depending upon the choice of the bride and the suggestions offered by the designers and stylists, the brides prefer either golden kasav or the border in shades of red or green.

4. Gowns:


When it comes to brides belonging to the Christian community, they prefer white flowing gowns with a veil.

Also, some of the Christian brides choose a white or off-white coloured Saree in Georgette or brocade silk material.

5. Lehenga Cholis:

Lehenga Cholis

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As time passed, the choice of costumes has increased, and there are a lot of options for brides now.

Lehenga Cholis is one of the most preferred choices of brides in Kerala these days.

A few years back, the lehenga cholis were usually prominent among the Muslim brides, but today even Hindu and Christian brides love to flaunt themselves in these gorgeous lehenga cholis.

Lehenga cholis in red, brown, maroon or golden colour are the most preferred choice of these brides.

Kerala is one among those states where people love jewellery and marriage are the occasions when you can see these brides decked up in ornaments from head to toe.

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