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10 delicious Kerala snack varieties served on Eid



10 delicious Kerala snack varieties served on Eid



Kozhikode is in its full bloom eagerly waiting to welcome Eid-Ul-Fitr veiled up in grace and happiness. You can see people everywhere getting ready to share the joy and happiness of the holy month.

The month of Ramadan has a special importance in the Islamic calendar. People belonging to the Islamic community and others (if they wish) follow a different routine during the Ramadan month. They observe fasting and dedicate their time to holy deeds of praying and sacrificing for the goodness of humanity.

The science behind fasting is to detoxify the body and to eliminate the unwanted toxins from it. Also, it is a belief that praying and fasting and making sacrifices and restricting self from eating, and drinking throughout the day.

Also, it signifies the people’s quest to experience and practice self-control, patience, spirituality and humility.

But, the patience is gifted with a feast of food and energy drinks to boost up the mind and the body. While they observe fasting for Ramadan, people eat early in the morning, and this is called as Suhur, and the next meal is consumed after dusk, which is called as Iftar.

If you happen to stroll through the streets of Kozhikode in the evening, you can find the place buzzing with people heading for Nomb Thura. A lot of restaurants and eat-outs are offering Nomb Thura and Iftar delicacies, and as you know, no other place in Kerala serves as many Arabic and Iftar savories as in Kozhikode.

As Id-Ul-Fitr approaches with the moon forming into a complete circle, we would like to unveil before you ten mouth-water Kerala snacks that are served during the holy festival, There are other Important cities in Kerala where you will Find more foods served.

1. Pathiri:


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Pathiri is one of all time favorite dishes of the people of Kerala and finds itself a special place in the Iftar bouquet.

It is kind of a thin roti prepared from rice flour.

Also, you will be astonished at the varieties of pathiris that are available including erachi pathiri, nice pathiri, chatti pathiri, meen pathiri, kannu vecha pathiri, and more.

Usually, rice pathiri is served with fish curry or chicken curry or beef roast or mutton stew.

2. Polas:

It is one of the sweet savories that is served during Id. It is easy to cook, and a variety of polas are available which includes kayi pola, carrot pola, meat pola, egg pola and more.

3. Ari Kadukka:

Another dish from North Malabar that is served during Iftar and as a snack on Id, Arri Kaduka savored with delight by both young and old alike. The mussel fillings comprise of seafood and is delicious.

4. Ela Ada:

Ela Ada is one of the sweet dishes that is prepared in all Kerala households. It is good for health too as it is steamed food. It is cooked from rice flour stuffed with grated coconut and jaggery that has been deep fried.

It is very tasty and usually served as a tea-time snack in Kerala though it is one of the important sweets served on Id.

5. Kozhi Ada:

Kozhi Ada

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Come to Kozhikode and don’t go back without delighting your taste buds with the awesomeness of kozhi ada.

Kozhi Ada is made from all-purpose flour and boneless chicken. The outer covering looks different, and this is a dish peculiar to the North Malabar region.

6. Samosas:

No Muslim platter is complete without a steaming chicken samosa in it. And, who does not love samosas?

The chicken samosas that are served on Id are not like those regular samosas you might get in the bakeries. This is different and tastes yummilicious.

Do not miss to try out this different chicken samosa this Id.

7. Mutta Mala:

Mutta Mala

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Heard of it before?


It is one of the sweet savories that is served on Eid. It is prepared from egg and sugar syrup.

As the name suggests, the mala is prepared from the yolk portion of the egg and the mutta resembles a cake prepared from the white portion of the egg and this combination tastes awesome.

8. Unnakaya:

Unnakaya is one of the other sweet delicacies that is served on Eid. A sweet snack prepared from plantain is one of all time favorites of people in Kerala and is a common dish served in most of the Muslim households.

9. Irachi Petti:

Irachi petti as the name suggests is prepared from chicken that wraps a pancake and is then dipped in egg and fried.

Tastes yummy and delicious.

10. Kilikoodu:

Kilikoodu or bird’s nest is a mouth-watering dish prepared from chicken and vermicelli.

It is a dish that originated in the Southern part of Kerala though it is one of the typical snacks served across Kerala especially during EId.

These are some of the common snacks that are served during Eid festival though there are others like cakes, payasam and more.

The main course usually consists of ghee rice or biryani with chicken or beef as the side dish.

Do you think we missed out any of the Id special snacks in the above list? Then, comment or send in your suggestions so that we can complete the list.

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